News - 2019

  • Miter Saw Tricks Every DIYer Should Know

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 4/2/2019
    Do you know that your miter saw can do more than just make simple crosscuts? Use these tips to accomplish more in your workshop.
  • Green Mountain High School Students Build Something with Kreg in the Classroom

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 3/20/2019
    Green Mountain High School woods manufacturing students got the chance to experience something a little different this year thanks to the AMPED Program and Kreg in the Classroom.
  • Discover New Ways to Conquer Your Cuts

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 3/7/2019
    There are so many ways to make the cuts you need for wood projects. Track saw for breaking down plywood. Table saw for rip cuts. Miter saw for angled cuts. But what if you could have one system that makes all these cuts – and more?
  • Build Better-Looking Projects with Poplar

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 2/7/2019
    Although pine is a very popular choice for DIY projects, there is another choice that is perfect for project-building. Poplar is readily available in home centers in the same dimensional sizes as pine, so you'll have no issues cutting parts to the same sizes.
  • How a Pocket-Hole Joint Works

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 1/14/2019
    Creating a pocket-hole joint is easy. As we like to say, with a Kreg® Pocket-Hole Jig, it’s as easy as Drill. Drive. Done. To see how a pocket-hole joint comes together, it’s fun to take a look inside. That’s what we’ll do here.
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