Kreg Tool Tips: Finishing

  • Remove Dents with Steam

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 12/29/2015
    Shallow surface dents can often be lifted with steam. We'll show you how in today's tip.
  • Make Mistakes Disappear

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 12/15/2015
    While they may not be able to cover every mistake, when used correctly, wood fillers can make minor flaws virtually disappear.
  • How to Pick the Perfect Finish

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 11/24/2015
    Find the best finish for just about any project using these simple techniques.
  • Solving Scratches

    Posted by Kreg Tool Company on 11/10/2015
    If you've built a table or shelf with your Kreg Jig®, chances are good that eventually it will end up with a scratch or two that expose the bare wood beneath the finish. Learn how to repair them here.
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